The Dickensian Age

Passed the last weeks recovering, reading a lot, including some Philip K. Dick novels. Being back now, it occurs to me that the American narrative has become distinctly Dickensian both in the sense of Charles Dickens ("Health insurance for poor people is communism") and Philip K. Dick. Hell, it's even reduced to discussing a veritable superdick in all its media channels 24/7. Fascinating how precise Dick (Philip K., not Donald) managed to describe the atmosphere of American borderline fascism and paranoia. Opening the usual social media channels now feels like entering some neo-nazi hangout, banshee-shrieking political extremism and obscurantism being the order of the day. It's only good that all this shit is constantly scanned by about 50 unaccountable government agencies at once. You never know when one of those little pixel blips freaks out, like some USER in a Dick (Philip K.) novel.

The anglosphere seems to have jumped the shark. After 500+ years of Empire nothing seems to work anymore. Reason, logic and proportion have been shipped to China along with the latest industrial production technologies. But even the agony of living in the age of the Triple Dick beats existence in neo-nat continental Europe where humanism is mocked by grotesque figures of the lowest sort who have been propelled to leading positions by the hysteria-driven hillbilly populace and overall governmental incompetence.

The age of the Tripe Dick is the age of the USER. The USER is hooked on systems not providing it with any meaningful feedback channel. No wonder Facebook feels like The Projects, built by clueless planners and lorded over by gangs and scammers. It's Social Media like Social Housing (In German: Sozialmedien... Nothing more telling that "social" has become the ultimate derogative... Being "on social" is an insult, something for losers...) The arctic server farm stores a Cruikshankian caricature of a global society not being able to think or act beyond a vulgar Malthusian fear of scarcity and ever more stultifying unhinged hate.

Fear the USER, beware of the PLAYER, become an NPC in the 3-Dick game for nincompoops.

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